How we started........


Sweet Treats by M is a small home based Cottage Food bakery, that started as dream in the home of Michele, with her love of baking for friends and family. Since family is Michele's priority, she decided to open up in her home, that way she could do what she loves most, taking care of her family and her love of baking and cake decorating all in one place without having to sacrifice one for the other. Thanks to her very supportive and encouraging husband she decided to take a leap of faith ​in the cake business.

Where this journey will lead, well only God and time will tell.

​To all our customers and future customers thank you for choosing us!!


Our Products

Our goal is to bake extraordinary desserts,  that range from cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and other gourmet treats that not only look good but also taste good, with the freshest and highest quality ingredients from select vendors who uphold our standards.


Our Ingredients


We use 80% organic ingredients in our baking. In addition, we use local ingredients whenever it is possible such as eggs, dairy, amongst some of them. We do not support the addition of chemicals, antibiotics, hormones and pesticides on food and products, so we do our best to keep them  off our goods. By not adding any chemicals we believe that even though you are indulging in a treat it helps promote a better you. We challenge you to look at the ingredient list of some of your “favorite” store treats and then compare it to ours! I think you will find a world of difference not only in the ingredients itself, but in the quality of our product. If the ingredient list of your favorite store treat looks more like something out of a chemical lab, then it's time to rethink what your consuming!!


To Our Customers

We are very passionate about creating only the best  for our loyal customers. The key to creating a successful dessert gift, is by listening to you. We aim to listen carefully and then create with fun and gourmet ingredients just what you are looking for!


© Sweet Treats by M

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